Finally getting around to reading this.


Re-entering The Matrix, 20 years later.

Good riddance.

Netflix and 🥃

The best kind of wrong.

Ik ook @rooshagen!

Drinking a Goose IPA.


Op locatie

PIT crew to Deventer.


Day 2, today: John Williams.


Naar @colinbenders

Working late. DJ Tmocs in the background.

Had my first flat this morning, but was only a few hundred meters from my preferred bike shop, they fixed it for free! Thank you @dehaanwielersport!


On our way to Dublin I couldn’t not stop in Cork to visit the other mothership! The shirt I’m wearing is for the excellent Welcome to Macintosh podcast, give it a listen if you haven’t.

#apple #cork #ireland #me #macintosh #macintoshfm #applecork

Watched the game at our b&b, sort of glad Ajax wasn’t part of this terrible final.